About us

You've built a great following on your blog, developed a large community or message board site or created a unique, compelling new site for image and video sharing, podcasting or dating. Now, it's time to reap the financial benefits of your hard work.

1SS is the ultimate site for buying and selling blogs, message boards, websites, software projects, databases, mobile apps and more. We connect web designers, bloggers and developers with people who are ready to buy, making buying and selling sites and programs much simpler.

Why pay a site broker expensive commissions or waste your time running ads on Craigslist and other third-party sites where visitors may or may not be looking to purchase what you're selling? When you advertise on 1SS, your ad will be seen by serious buyers who are looking for sites, blogs, programs and databases just like yours.

Using 1SS is easy. Just sign up, create your ad, set your price and start your sale. In no time, you'll be receiving inquiries from real buyers who are ready to learn more about what you have to offer.

For buyers, 1SS makes investing in websites, blogs, online communities, software projects and databases incredibly simple. You can find offers in a particular niche or of a particular type within seconds by using our powerful search engine and connect with sellers quickly.

Our team here at 1SS has one mission--to make buying and selling sites painless. We are here to assist buyers and sellers in any way that we can to ensure a smooth sale. If you have questions about using our site or need any other type of assistance, please don't hesitate to contact us.